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Our summer menu

January - hot days (most of the time anyway), enjoying a long holiday, grudgingly returning to work . . . so remember to also call into Vista and try our summer treats.

Check out our menu which is full of all those tastes of summer.

And there are always the daily specials for you and your friends to enjoy.

Spotted recently . . .

* Dark Ghana chocolate terrine with espresso ice cream and peanut brittle

* Lemon brulee with pistachio dust and cointreau strawberries

* Fig & almond baklava with date and orange puree, and apricot ice cream

* Churros - Spanish doughnuts with chilli chocolate

* Trio

   -  Lemon brulee with ginger snap

   -  Chocolate terrine with peanut brittle

   -  Baklava with apricot ice cream

Our menu changes often, as our regulars will know. Dale is inspired by what's available from our lovely suppliers and what he sees at the daily markets.



Be in early to book your party, client function, wedding or any celebration. We're well known for the ambience we bring to your special day. You can either book out the whole of Vista, or reserve several tables for your special occasion.

Dale is well known for his special paella when we cater for large gatherings, in fact world-famous in Wellington, our friends tell us.  Using the biggest paella pans available, Dale cooks up the best paella in Wellington, brimming with prawns, mussels and chorizo. Wow!

To book your party or event, do contact us as soon as possible. Our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

And remember, we cater for all tastes - we can provide delicious gluten-free, dairy-free vegetarian and vegan options.